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Searching for Injection Molding on the Web

One thing that can frustrate the most savvy of marketing professionals is the “moods” of the internet. I say “moods” because figuratively that is exactly what occurs to each engine algorithms. Every business wants more traffic coming to their website to see the latest and greatest offerings for their customers but it can be difficult to show potential customers your latest and greatest offerings when search engines (like Google, for example) change the way search operations happen by altering their own algorithms. When Google introduced the Panda 4.0 update it slammed eBay so hard that they lost 80% of their organic traffic and rankings. This proves that even a giant company can be toppled by a minor disturbance in the Google “force”.

SEO is basically like playing chess. You make a move, then you see how the internet reacts to your move. Your next move is then based upon that reaction just like a game of chess with a clever partner. It’s no different for any business. Everyone wants to be “at the top” of the search engine search results and that’s just not possible when there are 10,000 businesses in your market/industry sparing for the top spot. SEO and AdWords don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand either. Webmasters and SEO gurus can try to keep ahead of the game with backlinks, writing ads with keywords as well as lacing their website’s content with all of the jargon of the industry— but all of that can’t help against the moodiness of the search engine algorithm itself. Sure, those businesses with a huge marketing team and unlimited funds can swim upstream easily, but some businesses have to be more calculating with SEO than throwing gobs of cash into the AdWords bonfire. Besides, organic search results are always better than paid results anyway because… they are free!

Now this blog post doesn’t have much to do with custom injection molds, plastic molded parts, and CNC machining, but the irony is that just by mentioning those key words just now, Google, Bing & Yahoo will pick up on them like a shark smelling blood in the water from miles away then it begins to swim toward its mark. There are bad ways to try to get more traffic to your website like buying backlinks. This practice is highly frowned upon and can get your site heavily sanctioned by search engines. However, there are some free website traffic sites that can help increase your web traffic like for example. These are simple and free ways to send a small flare into the “internet air” and maybe get a few more views from the people you’d like to visit your business’ website.

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