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ISO 9001:2015 Certification Is Your Quality Assurance

We are pleased to announce that our ISO 9001:2015 certification has now been renewed until November 1, 2019. As previously announced to our customers, the September 15th renewal date was delayed due to a change in our corporate structure. In order to more clearly define the focus of our business units, we separated the ICOMold brand from its parent company, ICO Products. Our plastic injection molding business is now legally ICO Mold, LLC. Due to this company name change, the renewal [...]


Advantages of Urethane Casting – Part 3: Quality

Urethane casting has several advantages over other plastic manufacturing processes like injection molding and additive manufacturing (3D printing). It is fast, inexpensive, and produces high-quality parts. Over the last two weeks we’ve covered the advantages of speed and cost. This week we’ll take a look at the third advantage: quality. The cast urethane process can use a variety of formulations to produce parts that are soft or hard, colored or transparent. The silicone molds provide excellent surface finish detail and can [...]


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