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Part Design Guidelines for the Plastic Injection Molding Process

For design engineers who are new to designing for plastic injection molding, there can be a knowledge gap in making sure the CAD model is properly designed for this manufacturing process. There are certain, very specific design features that must be considered in the design stage in order to avoid moldability issues that can produce undesirable results in the molded parts. If they’re not considered from the beginning of the design process, and they’re not discovered until the Design For [...]


Download Our Free Basic Injection Molding Design Guidelines

When designing a custom plastic part, the CAD designer should know up front which manufacturing method is going to be used. There are different feature considerations for a 3D printed part, for example, than for an injection molded part. It is important to follow best practices when designing parts for the injection molding process in order to avoid functional or cosmetic issues, such as sink marks. To help with this, we offer the free, downloadable guide “Basic Injection Molding Design Guidelines” [...]