How We Helped an Inventor Get His Product to Market

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How We Helped an Inventor Get His Product to Market

Quik-Load loaded

Quik-Load tube magazine rifle loader

When Kevin Jensen had an idea for an invention to help hunting and rifle enthusiasts solve an ammo loading problem, he came to ICOMold to manufacture it.

An avid sportsman and gun enthusiast, Kevin recognized a problem. In the cold months in his town of Sioux Falls, SD – or anywhere, for that matter – it’s hard to load .22 shells into the tubular magazine of a rimfire rifle when you’re in the field.

Wearing gloves, Kevin would fumble with the shells and drop them. Without gloves, his fingers were too cold to load the shells and it took too long.

Quik-Load ammo caddySo he invented Quik-Load, a plastic injection molded ammo caddy for loading .22 LR, .22 mag and .17 HMR shells into a rifle’s tube magazine. The Quik-Load fills a 17-shell magazine in just one or two seconds! You can pre-load a full magazine of shells in the warm, clean and dry to have ready when you need it.

Kevin brought his idea to ICOMold to manufacture his invention, which he patented. He is now marketing the Quik-Load and accepting new dealers. Read the whole story here.

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