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Advantages of Steel Over Aluminum for Injection Molds

Some injection molding companies use steel molds, and some use aluminum molds, for various reasons. There are pros and cons for each of the materials, but here at ICOMold we make steel molds because of the advantages they offer to our customers. One advantage is that steel is more easily modifiable in the case of a part design change. Another advantage is better durability. For an in-depth discussion of the advantages of steel over aluminum, please visit this page of our website.


Design For Moldability vs. Process Limitations

Some customers tell us that they went to another plastic injection molder first, only to be told that they had to redesign their part, or even that their part could not be injection molded. Sometimes it’s true – their part can’t be molded, or needs design changes to conform to Design For Moldability (DFM) requirements for issues like draft angle or wall thickness. These are universal requirements that every injection molder has. The Design Guidelines page of our website highlights [...]