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Project Management System and Discussion Board

Once we launch your plastic injection molding project, the same online system you used to get your quote becomes a project management platform. Our project management system is your portal to track the status of your injection molding project. An important feature of the system is the integrated online discussion board, which allows you to communicate with your project manager and mold engineer. Your project notes and timing milestones are all together in one place, on one platform, so everyone [...]


Powerful System for Injection Molding Project Management

Thanks to our powerful online project management system, you always know your project status when you’re working with us on a custom plastic injection molding project. One of the very convenient features of our project management system is the online discussion board. Through the discussion board, you can ask questions, get updates and communicate directly with your project manager, as well as with the actual mold engineer. You’ll avoid the hassle of multiple emails and phone calls by having all the [...]


Follow Your Project Status With Our Online Tracking System

Our unique online project management system allows you to always know the status of your plastic injection molding or CNC machining project. Forget the hassle of multiple points of contact like phone calls and emails. You’ll stay completely organized and updated throughout your project by having all the information in one place – in our project management system. Plus, our system eliminates the headaches of trying to deal directly with a low-cost country. You can communicate directly with your U.S. [...]


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