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Low-Cost Custom Plastic Injection Molding

ICOMold manufactures high-quality, low-cost custom plastic injection molds and plastic parts for a variety of industries around the world. From low volume to production runs, we’ll manufacture your custom injection mold and plastic parts to your specifications. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, we’re easy to work with. And at the same time, we keep our costs down by manufacturing in our China plant, which allows us to save you 30-50% compared to our competitors. We use hardened steel for our molds and provide [...]


What Is Injection Molded Plastic?

ICOMold uses a process called plastic injection molding to produce thousands of plastic parts every day in a range of shapes and sizes. But what are injection molded plastic parts? Simply put, they’re parts made using plastic injection molding. In this process, hot liquid plastic is forced into a mold of the desired shape, resulting in a plastic piece that, when dried, permanently takes that shape. It’s similar to how cake batter baked in a cupcake pan will retain a cupcake [...]


Will 3D Printing be the Demise of Plastic Injection Molding

Will 3D Printing be the Demise of Plastic Injection Molding? It seems like 3D printing is all you hear about these days in the world of plastics manufacturing. Make this, make that. Buy your kids a $300 3D printer so they can make their own toys. But is 3D printing going to take over as the predominant method of producing plastic parts? Spoiler Alert: The answer is no, not anytime soon. The fact is, more than 80% of plastic parts used [...]


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