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Custom Plastic Injection Molds – Shipped to You

When we build a plastic injection molding tool for a customer, the tool usually stays in our manufacturing plant so we can run parts for the customer whenever they need them. We call these “Production Molds,” and the process is “On-Demand” manufacturing. Sometimes, however, the customer is another injection molder who wants us to build their mold, but they want to run the plastic parts themselves. Or the customer wants the mold shipped to some other injection molding facility where [...]


Aluminum vs. Steel for Plastic Injection Molds

ICOMold has always offered hardened steel material for plastic injection molds. But injection mold tools can also be made out of aluminum, and many of our competitors use aluminum.. So how do you know if a steel mold or an aluminum mold is best for your plastic injection molding project? There are advantages and disadvantages of each. The major differences are: * Modifications: Steel molds are easier to modify if you have design changes, so they’re a better choice if [...]