Now Offering Compression Molded Rubber Parts

Now Offering Compression Molded Rubber Parts

compression moldingWe are pleased to announce that we are now offering compression molding of custom rubber parts.

Compression molding is now the 4th custom manufacturing process we offer, complementing injection molding, CNC machining and urethane casting.

Compression molding is the process where a heated rubber material (the charge) is placed in one side of a mold, then the other side of the mold is clamped down, and the rubber material is compressed into the desired shape.

One of the biggest benefits of compression molding is low cost. Compared to plastic injection molding (albeit a plastic-making process vs. a rubber-making process), creating a mold is a lot cheaper. When creating a mold for compression molding, you don’t have to worry about creating gates and runners. You also don’t need to complete a mold flow analysis.

Second, it is cheaper and easier to create larger parts. Generally, with other manufacturing processes, it gets significantly more expensive as part size increases. With compression molding, you don’t need to significantly increase the pressure of the machine when you make larger parts.

To learn more, visit the Compression Molding page of our website.

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