How to Choose the Right Production Process

How to Choose the Right Production Process

injection moldYou’ll most likely need a different production process for your plastic parts if you’re at the beginning stage of product development, compared to being at the final stage, ready for production parts. Regardless of where you’re at in the process, we’ll help you understand the differences between the various production methods and choose the best one.

The various processes vary by quantity of parts needed, cost, speed and other factors. Here are the manufacturing processes we offer:

Urethane Casting: Fast, inexpensive prototype or low-volume parts with plastic- or rubber-like properties (1-25 parts)

CNC Machining: Low-volume parts with a large selection of plastic or metal materials (1-100 parts)

Prototype Injection Molding: Higher quantity of prototype parts, warrantied to 10,000 cycles

Production Injection Molding: High-volume custom plastic parts with production runs on request; lifetime warranty on the mold tooling

Export Molds: Injection mold tooling built and shipped to the customer or other facility to run their own parts

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