5 Benefits to Custom Injection Molding

5 Benefits to Custom Injection Molding

You may not even think about it because it’s so commonplace, but custom injection molded plastics are all around you and essential to the products found in your homes, businesses, and automobiles. This low-cost process produces high quality parts in large quantities.

But what do you really know about injection molded plastics and the process? Here are five facts to help you better understand this process and what it produces.

1. They are customizable: Change the color or type of material you want us to use. Want enhanced strength? We can add fillers to strengthen the finished part or even other characteristics like flexibility, or resistance to ultraviolet light.

2. They are produced fast: There is normally only 15 to 30 seconds between cycles so a large quantity is produced very quickly.

3. They are less expensive: The speed and efficiency of custom injection molding means costs are lower, so you save money on your budget.

4. They are environmentally friendly: Custom injection molding uses only the required amount of plastic and any test or rejected parts may be recycled.

5. They are ready immediately: When your piece comes out of the mold, it is smooth and there is usually no finishing required, unless of course you require secondary processes.

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