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CNC Machined Prototype and Low-Volume Metal Parts

In addition to our plastic CNC machining capabilities, we also provide metal CNC machining. We offer various metal materials such as aluminum, steel, brass and titanium for CNC machining. We can also perform secondary processes like anodizing, plating and powder coating, and our standard tolerance for machined metal is +/- 0.002″. Many of our plastic injection molding customers also have a need for machined metal parts from time to time, so we provide the convenience of offering multiple manufacturing services from [...]


CNC Machining Metal

CNC machining is a good manufacturing process for small quantities of metal parts, such as prototypes and low volumes. We offer metal CNC machining, in addition to our CNC plastic machining capabilities. There are a variety of metal materials available for CNC machining, including various aluminum, steel and brass materials. Learn more about our metal CNC machining capabilities See the list of metal materials available for CNC machining


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