Shipping Options from China

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By Jeremy Losek, May 28th, 2019

Shipping Options from China

When you have a plastic injection molding project with ICOMold, you have various shipping options for your plastic parts. Our business office is in Ohio, but our manufacturing plant is in Shenzhen, China, so that’s where your parts will be shipping from.
Our instant quote system will automatically calculate the costs of the various shipping methods for you, so you can compare them and choose the one with your preferred timing and cost. The most important factors that determine your shipping cost are the quantity of parts in your order and the size of the parts. Shipping costs will instantly update if you change the quantity of parts in your order. Since shipping costs are based on part quantity and size, the fastest shipping method is not necessarily going to be the most expensive, and the most economical method may change if you change the quantity of parts in your order.
Please note that the cost of the various shipping methods includes the price of your parts. You will see 4 prices on your quote – the base price of your part, plus the price of your part with the following 3 shipping methods:
FedEx International Priority: This is the fastest of the 3 shipping methods. You will usually receive your parts in 2-3 days.
International Economy: You will typically receive your parts in 3-5 days. This is frequently the cheapest shipping method for an order with a low quantity of parts.
Ocean: 21-35 days. This method uses a combination of transportation modes, and the overall shipping time depends on factors such as the customer’s distance from the arrival port.


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