What Would Life Be Like Without Plastics?

What Would Life Be Like Without Plastics?


’60s and ’70s plastic items on display at Le Plasticarium in Brussels

We are very fortunate to be involved in manufacturing products out of one of the most common and versatile materials: Plastic. Just take a minute to look around you – it’s hard to NOT see things made out of plastic.


It’s fascinating to see all the various and creative products our customers design and come to us to injection mold for them. It really shines a light on the fact that people are continuously creating new products to solve problems.

It’s very gratifying to work with inventors on their products, and we encourage anyone with an idea (and a CAD model, of course!) to contact us.

To learn about some of the creative and successful products we’ve helped inventors bring to market, visit the Case Studies page of our website. To learn more about our larger capabilities, visit our injection molding page.

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