Using Interchangeable Mold Inserts to Save Cost

Using Interchangeable Mold Inserts to Save Cost

Interchangeable Mold Inserts for Similar, But Slightly Different, Parts

Interchangeable InsertsSometimes there is a need to injection mold multiple versions of a part. The parts may be identical except for one minor variation.

In the example in the illustration, one part has two tabs on the center section, while the other version is just smooth on the center cylinder.

Another example could be having one version of a part with a logo molded into it, while another version is smooth/unbranded.

Using interchangeable mold inserts is a great way to accomplish this. All the common features are produced by the mold cavity, but the unique feature is produced with an insert that can be removed from the mold and replaced with another insert.

The main advantage of using interchangeable inserts is cost savings. You can mold multiple versions of a part without having to produce injection mold tooling for each version.

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