U.S. Company with China Plant Equals Win-Win

U.S. Company with China Plant Equals Win-Win

ICO China LocationOne of our advantages is that we are a U.S. company, based in Ohio, so we’re easy to communicate with and do business with. You’ll work with an English-speaking project manager, so there’s no language barrier.

You don’t have to worry about the headaches and risks of trying to do business directly with an offshore company. We’ve been in the plastic injection molding business since 2003, and we’re not going anywhere.

But there’s more. Besides being a U.S. company, we also have a wholly-owned-and-operated plant in Shenzhen, China, where we benefit from lower manufacturing costs. Our lower cost structure allows us to provide our customers lower pricing than our competitors can offer. (Request an instant quote to see how much we can save you).

We’ve been very successful with this “best of both worlds” business model, and continue to provide our customers lower costs for custom plastic injection molding, without the headaches of trying to deal directly with a low-cost country.

To learn more about the advantages of manufacturing in China, visit this page of our website.

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