Selecting Post-Molding Part Treatments in the RFQ System

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Selecting Post-Molding Part Treatments in the RFQ System

Plastic injection molding secondary processWhen you use our interactive online quotation system to request an instant quote for a plastic injection molding project, you have secondary (post-molding) process options that you can specify right in the request-for-quote form.

This built-in feature makes it quicker and easier to see how additional production processes will affect the price of your injection molded plastic parts.

After you upload your 3D CAD model and select your primary options (like quantity, material, color and surface finish), you can then specify post-molding treatments like painting, powder coating and chrome plating, right from a dropdown menu in the quote request form.

As soon as you select a secondary process, you will see in real time how the post-molding treatment will affect your piece price. No waiting for “someone will get back to you on that.”

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