Production Processes to Fit Your Needs

Production Processes to Fit Your Needs

plastic manufacturing processesWhether you’re at the beginning stage of product development and need a prototype, or at the final stage and ready for production parts, we’ve got the manufacturing process that’s right for you.

We offer the following manufacturing processes:

Urethane Casting: Fast, inexpensive prototype or low-volume parts with plastic- or rubber-like properties (1-25 parts)

CNC Machining: Low-volume parts with a large selection of plastic or metal materials (1-100 parts)

Prototype Injection Molding: Higher quantity of prototype parts, warrantied to 10,000 cycles

Production Injection Molding: High-volume custom plastic parts with production runs on request; lifetime warranty on the mold tooling

Export Molds: Injection mold tooling built and shipped to the customer or other facility to run their own parts

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