Overmolding One Plastic Over Another

Overmolding One Plastic Over Another

OvermoldingOvermolding is a plastic injection molding process which is very useful for producing multi-material parts with some unique properties.

For instance, overmolding can be used to add a second part, of a different material, for a handle or grip. Like a power tool with a grip made out of a softer material than the body of the tool. Or a gaming controller with design elements of various plastics.

We overmolded the tire showroom display, pictured, for a customer. The “rubber tread” material was overmolded over the harder, blue plastic piece that represents “water.” (Read this Case Study on our website).

Overmolding is not without its limitations. One consideration is that the two materials must be compatible, chemically and thermally.

Overmolding is not as straightforward a process as injection molding a part out of a single material, but it is something we are very experienced at. In our 14 years of injection molding, we’ve successfully completed many overmolding projects for our customers.

Feel free to contact us and talk to a project engineer about your next overmolding project.

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