Nunchuck Grips: Our Customer’s Unique Self-Defense Products

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Nunchuck Grips: Our Customer’s Unique Self-Defense Products

Umbrella Handle Pepper Spray

Pepper spray concealed in umbrella handle

We always enjoy working with entrepreneurs and inventors, and get a sense of satisfaction when we help them successfully bring new products to market.

Our customer Nunchuck Grips LLC is one such success story.

Their products are very unique, and serve a useful purpose of providing concealed self-protection devices that you can quickly access should you encounter danger.

You can carry a knife concealed in your bicycle handlebar. Or pepper spray in the handle of your umbrella or trekking pole.

Mike Yin, founder of Nunchuck Grips, approached a handful of local plastic injection molders, but they took way too long to quote, or were not able to do the molding for him because the molds required multiple slides and interchangeable inserts. So he came to us.

“ICOMold was able to tackle the project and deliver,” said Yin. “I found it refreshing to work with a company with such a phenomenal online quoting tool. It allowed us to experiment with different materials, quantities, and mold configurations to see the cost impact in real time.”

We enjoyed working with Mike on this project and wish him much success selling his unique products. Visit our website to read the entire Nunchuck Grips case study.

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