Metal CNC Machining Services Now Available

Metal CNC Machining Services Now Available

CNC Machining MetalWe’re pleased to announce that we are now providing metal CNC machining services. We’ve always done plastic CNC machining, and now we’re doing metal CNC machining as well.

CNC machining is a good manufacturing process for small volumes of metal parts, such as prototypes and low volumes.

Once your metal part is machined, we can also perform secondary processes like anodizing, plating and powder coating. You can also request tolerances tighter than our standard +/- 0.002″, or other custom processes.

Whether your CNC machined metal parts are for testing the form, fit and function of a prototype, or for a low volume of finished parts, we provide a low-cost option with a fast turnaround.

Visit the CNC metal machining page of our website for more information, or contact us if you would like a quote on a metal machining project.

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