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Instant Quotes and Design Feedback

Why wait days, or even hours, for a plastic injection molding quote when you can get one instantly? Our online quotation system is the only one like it in the plastic injection molding industry. You simply upload the 3D CAD model of your part, specify the quantity, material and other options, and within 30 seconds you see your tooling cost and piece price. In addition to being automated, it is interactive. You can change the material or part quantity, for example, and instantly see how the change will affect your part price.

We also provide you with Design For Manufacturability (DFM) feedback to ensure that your design can be injection molded without issues like sink marks. We tell you up front where we plan to put the parting line, and ejector pin and gate locations, so you can review them for approval before we mold your parts.

When you’re ready for your next plastic injection molding project, give our instant online quotation system a try, or email us at

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