Injection Molding Machine Clamp Tonnage

Injection Molding Machine Clamp Tonnage

Jeremy WilliamsBelieve it or not, the clamp tonnage page of our website gets a lot of traffic. A lot. The amount of interest in this topic is really quite surprising.

We ran across a great article published on the Plastics Technology website two weeks ago that is definitely one of the best articles ever written on the topic of clamp tonnage.

The article, entitled Clamp Tonnage: More Is Better…Right? was written by Jeremy Williams, a consultant/trainer for RJG Inc., a company that provides training for the injection molding industry. Jeremy’s background in manufacturing includes over 16 years in plastics, and he was previously a principal engineer.

If the topic of clamp tonnage interests you as much as it obviously does our website visitors, we highly recommend reading Jeremy’s article.

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