Injection Molding Complex Parts

Injection Molding Complex Parts

Some of our new customers don’t come to us first for a custom plastic injection molding quote, but they give us the job because we can handle complex molding jobs that other molders can’t.

If you’ve got a complex plastic part and want to know if we can manufacture it for you, our engineering team will be happy to provide you with Design For Manufacturability (DFM) feedback on your part design.

And, as a full-service injection molding company, we offer overmolding, insert molding and other secondary processes that other molders don’t offer.

Here are some of our process capabilities that can make your parts more robust:

Insert Molding
Secondary Processes
Family Molds
Value Added Services

After reaching out to over 20 manufacturers, ICOMold was the only one that was able to take on my project, create the molds and manufacture the parts I needed.” – Aziz Razakov, Berry Good Bottle

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