From 3D Printed Prototype to Production Parts

From 3D Printed Prototype to Production Parts

3D Printed PrototypesDepending on the circumstances of your custom plastic parts project, one production method may offer advantages over another for your initial prototype. A 3D printed prototype may work best, or a CNC machined part might be the best choice.

You may want us to CNC machine your prototype because you need to test the physical properties of the specific material you’ll be using in production, and the material is available for CNC machining but not for 3D printing.

On the other hand, if having the exact material is not critical and you just need a quick part to test for form and fit, 3D printing may satisfy your requirements for cost and speed.

Although we do not currently provide 3D printing services, we frequently work with 3D printing companies. When they have a client who is satisfied with their prototype and ready to proceed to production, the 3D printer will refer the client to us to injection mold their parts in quantities not economical by 3D printing.

When you have a 3D printed prototype and are ready to move to production, or if you have a 3D printing business and need an injection molder to refer your customers to, please keep us in mind!

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