Family Injection Molds Offer Many Benefits

Family Injection Molds Offer Many Benefits

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Save Money on Plastic Injection Molding with Family Molds

If you have a custom plastic injection molding project that involves multiple parts, there’s a good chance we can save you money by putting them into a family mold.

The opportunity for family molding arises when a molding project involves similar parts that go together, such as the two halves of a case, or multiple parts that go together in an assembly to create the final product.

Basically, we can make all the parts in one shot, and save you money because there’s only one mold instead of multiple molds, and one setup vs. multiple setups.

There are certain limitations on whether or not multiple parts can be family molded. But if your parts fit the mold (pun intended), then we can save you money on your injection molding project.

Visit the Family Molds page of our website to learn more.

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