EMI Shielding for Plastic Parts

EMI Shielding for Plastic Parts

Copper Paint Coating for EMI Shielding

EMI CoatingIf you need electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for plastic parts that house electronics, copper paint coating can be a good option. Copper conductive paint is widely used in higher frequency EMI shielding applications (>30 MHz).

While other conductive paints like silver or nickel may be more appropriate for some applications,  copper is a common, low-cost EMI paint.

There are some considerations you should be aware of when designing plastic components that will require EMI shielding. For instance, conductive paint adheres well to some common resins like ABS and PC, while other plastics require an adhesion promoter/primer.

If you have an electronics project that requires EMI shielding, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements and our plastic injection molding capabilities.

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