Case Study: The BerryGood Bottle

Case Study: The BerryGood Bottle

“After reaching out to over 20 manufacturers, ICOMold was the only one that was able to take on my project, create the molds and manufacture the parts I needed. They helped turn my idea from a prototype to a fully functioning product. What impressed me the most is that they were able to work overtime to meet my demanding deadline and get the parts to me on time.”

– Aziz Razakov, NYX+ Innovations

BerryGood Bottle

It’s not every day that we have the pleasure of working with an entrepreneur who is marketing a plastic product that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The BerryGood Bottle is one such product.

The BerryGood Bottle is not just another plastic water bottle. It is a diffuser bottle that squeezes vitamins and minerals out of fruit directly into your water. It enhances the flavor and nutrients of the water you drink by adding fruit, vegetables or herbs to it.

The BerryGood Bottle has a unique, multi-part design that makes it quick and easy to turn an ordinary bottle of water into a healthy, tasty beverage.

Are you an entrepreneur or inventor with an idea for a new product? We’d be happy to work with you from design to getting your product to market. Contact us to discuss your prototyping or plastic injection molding needs.

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