A Customer Success Story: Leprecon

A Customer Success Story: Leprecon

plastic ringsFor three decades, Leprecon has been providing lighting control, dimming and interfacing solutions for the performance industry. Their lighting control consoles contain many control switches, and some of the switches have plastic caps on them.

Over the years, the availability of these switch caps was inconsistent and, finally, the last cap supplier closed its doors. Leprecon decided to get their own caps injection molded, so that’s when they came to us for a solution that would reduce the number of different parts, save on labor, and produce a better fit.

We molded the caps to Leprecon’s specifications, the problem was solved, and everybody was happy…until the project hit a speed bump – the caps mysteriously developed a loose fit on some switch posts… Full Story

“We are very pleased with ICOMold. Response time is fantastic, customer support is great, and the online group project management tool is very helpful.” – Connie Blevins, Leprecon

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