Plastic Injection Mold Types

Mold Types to Fit Your Production Volume

ICOMold is a plastic injection molding company that offers a variety of choices in plastic injection mold types, depending on the quantity of parts you need manufactured. From a low-cost steel prototype mold, to an unlimited production mold with a lifetime warranty, we give you various options to fit your part production quantity and budget. Depending on how many plastic parts you want to produce with your mold, our engineers will select the appropriate steel material for it, and you’ll get a tooling life warranty for the amount of your production volume. If you choose our production mold option, we provide a lifetime warranty for unlimited production. As long as we are making the parts for you in our production facilities, we will maintain, refurbish or replace the tool as needed at our cost. P-20 is a general purpose mold steel designed for the plastic mold industry, and it is the steel we use for production molds. However, other types of steel are also used for molds designed for fewer cycles. For in-house molds, the customer owns the tooling and mold frame. (For export molds, the customer receives the mold frame with the tooling).

The first table below lists the characteristics of the molds that we use to run your parts for you in our facility. The second table lists the different types of export molds (we make the mold and ship it to you), based on number of cycles.

In-House Molds

Mold TypeTooling
Tooling Life
Tool Ownership
(Cavity & Core)
Mold Frame
Prototype MoldS50C10,000CustomerCustomer
Production MoldP20UnlimitedCustomerCustomer

Export Molds

Mold TypeTooling Life CyclesDescription
Class 1011MBuilt for extremely high production. This is the highest-priced mold and is made with only the highest quality materials.
Class 102500,000-1MMedium to high production mold, good for abrasive materials and/or parts requiring close tolerances. This is a high-quality, fairly high-priced mold.
Class 103100,000-500,000Medium production mold. This is a very popular mold for low to medium production needs. Most common price range.
Class 10410,000-100,000Low production mold. Used only for limited production preferably with non-abrasive materials. Low to moderate price range.
Class 105Up to 10,000Low volume only. This mold will be constructed in the least expensive manner possible to produce a very limited quantity of parts.

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