Instant Quote

Instant Quote

ICOMold’s proprietary online quote system for custom plastic injection molding and CNC machined parts gives you fast access to your quotation, plus provides the ability to interactively manage your project online once it has begun.

Once you register in the system, you simply upload your 3D CAD file(s) in .stp or .step format, choose your options, and submit your request. You will receive your quote back within one business day, and usually within hours.

For injection mold tooling and injection molded parts, you choose your options for material, color, surface finish and quantity of parts. You can also choose number of mold cavities, family mold options, plus export options for the mold if you want to have the parts produced by someone else. Then choose from multiple shipping methods. And if you want to make changes to your options, you can go ahead and make them yourself, and the quote will update instantly in the system so you can see how your changes affect your quote in real time.

For CNC manufactured parts, there is no tooling because the parts are machined from a single block of resin (or several blocks adhered together depending upon size and complexity). You can choose choose from a more limited list of CNC resin materials. Again, you choose your CNC materials, quantity of parts, choice of paint and shipping method, and the quote updates instantly in the system so you can see your changes in real time.

Once you’ve chosen all your options for the molds and/or parts you want, simply submit the request for quote, and receive an instant quote. Then, within one business day, a confirmed quote will return from ICOMold’s project managers.

Once your project has launched, the online quotation system can then also be used to interact with the engineers and track the status of your project, all online, all the way through project completion.