Getting an Instant Quote and Quote Confirmation

Working With ICOMold: What to Expect

Getting an Instant Quote and Quote Confirmation

The process starts when you use our interactive quotation system to upload 3D CAD models of the parts you want to be injection molded. Your CAD models are analyzed against a huge, proprietary database of part properties, and the system returns an estimate to you instantly. Now you have an unconfirmed quote that includes your mold cost, raw part cost and part cost with shipping.

The unconfirmed quote is an estimate that takes into account the general aspects of the part to be molded. To proceed from this point based on the instant quote, you simply click the “Submit to Confirm” button in the online quotation interface. Then, within one business day, a mold engineer will review the part model to confirm that the part is indeed injection moldable. If the part is impossible to injection mold, you will receive a “no quote” from the system. But as long as your part is moldable, you will receive a confirmed quote within one business day.

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Injection Molding Quotation Process