ICO CAD Viewer (free software download)

ICOMold developed its own CAD Viewer for quickly viewing CAD files. checking volume, and quickly estimating dimensions. Most CAD designers have the ability to view CAD files within the applications in which they were created. However, ICOMold’s ICO Viewer has features that other commercial applications don’t have. Even for those without the ability to view CAD files, or to quickly view files without opening large CAD applications,  ICO CAD Viewer is ideal. It’s absolutely free to download and use.

Key features include:

•  3D CAD model viewer (STP, STEP, IGS, STL CAD format).
•  Ability to check volume and make rough measurements.
•  3D model can be manipulated in virtual space: rotation 360º, zooming in and out for detailed inspection.
•  Ability to take screen shots of the 3D model while viewing it from any perspective.
To Download ICOViewer, login to your ICOMold project management page then go to the Resources tab. You will find the ICOViewer download link on this page.