Design Review, DFM and Order Processing

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By Jeremy Losek, May 23rd, 2019

Working With ICOMold: What to Expect

Design Review, DFM and Order Processing

Once we receive your purchase order and launch the project, we move to the design review, Design For Manufacturability (DFM) and order processing stages.

We will assign a dedicated tooling manager to your project, who will provide you with a two-part design analysis. The first part is a proposed tooling plan for each part we are quoting. This includes details of the parting line location on the part, gate type and location, and ejector pin witness mark locations.

The second part is the DFM, which may include potential issues that need to be acknowledged and discussed, and/or problem areas that need to be redesigned. For instance, we may notice a feature of your part that will require some draft angle to be added in order for the part to be ejected from the mold. Or, we may see a thick wall area that may cause a sink mark. We will advise you of these situations and always make sure you are in agreement with changing your model. There may be cases where the situation is not critical to you and you approve for us to proceed with your model as-is, but at least we will have brought it to your attention. You are always in control of your model – we will never make changes to your model.

You have this opportunity to review the DFM and confirm your approval of the molding plan. At this step, and at every step of your project, you will be able to communicate directly with your U.S. project manager, and directly with the mold engineer, through our online project management system.

Next we will begin to manufacture your mold upon payment of the 50% down payment. When the mold is finished, we will run 5 sample parts off of your tool and send them to you. When you approve your sample parts, we will proceed with your parts order upon receipt of the remaining 50% balance.

We offer multiple options for shipping methods, so depending on your timing and budget requirements, we will ship your parts to you according to the shipping method you specify.

The process is similar if you are purchasing an export mold, which is a mold that we will ship to the location of your choosing so that you can run your parts in your own facility or in a facility that you designate. We will run sample parts and send them to you for your approval prior to crating and shipping your mold to you.

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