Which Injection Mold Type Is Best for You?

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Which Injection Mold Type Is Best for You?

Which Injection Mold Type Is Best for You?

The best way to educate our customers is to ask what they need then show them their options. A plastic injection mold is an investment in your business and your product. You want the best quality for the lowest price, and since ICOMold® offers different mold types, which is the best for your plastic parts and your budget?

•  When ICOMold runs your Production Injection Mold* in our facility, we guarantee the mold for the lifetime of your program. This saves you money should your mold need repair or replacing.

•  If you are going to run 10,000 parts or less, a 10K Prototype Mold is perfect for you. It costs slightly less than a production mold, but doesn’t carry a warranty past 10,000 parts.

•  100K, 300K & 1000K Export Molds are molds ICOMold builds to your specifications then ships to your location
to run at your facility.

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