Injection Molding Can Be Used in Any Industry

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Injection Molding Can Be Used in Any Industry

Plastic injection molding is an affordable way to create mass amounts of custom made plastic parts. One of the main questions we get here at ICOMold is “Which industries benefit the most from plastic injection molding?”

The answer: virtually any manufacturing business.

Whether you’re in the auto, medical, or construction industry, your business can benefit from injection molding. The versatility to design molds that can create parts of various sizes, shapes and dimensions, allow us to mass produce the parts you need to make your business successful.

Here are just a few items we can produce for these popular industries


– Fluid tanks
– Trim parts
– Door handles
– Caps for tanks
– Engine covers


– Catheters
– Syringes
– Inhalers
– Cases
– Machine covers


– Crates
– Handles
– Dividers
– Lids
– Buckets

Consumer Products

– Dials
– Buttons
– Doors
– Hinges
– Holding tanks

To see how we can use plastic injection molding to mass produce the pieces you need to bring your invention to life, contact us at 419-867-3900 or email

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