Bring your invention and business to life with injection molding

Bring your invention and business to life with injection molding

Any time you have a brilliant product idea, your goal is to create it so you can improve the lives of others.

In many cases, plastic injection molding can help you accomplish that goal.

Whether you’re looking to mass produce a simple handle to make your product easy to move, or create a pump that is vital to your device working, custom plastic molding can bring your ideas to life.

By working with ICOMold’s engineers, you can create the perfect injection molding piece that your product needs to be fully functional. With a variety of plastics to choose from, we can help you select the best material to maximize the functionality of your invention.

In addition to bringing your idea to life, mass producing customized plastic injection molding pieces is quick and cheap. We can help you produce thousands of parts in a short amount of time while also saving you money. This makes your product affordable for customers without compromising your profit.

Many companies come to ICOMold, needing multiple plastic molds for their products. Our engineers can work on multiple plastic molds at once, so you can get all the pieces you need at the same time.

Give us a call at 419-867-3900 or email us at and we’ll show you how injection molding can transform your idea into the invention of your dreams.

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